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Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions you may have about voting blank in the April 2nd presidential primary.

Why voting blank instead of write-in, uncommitted or another candidate?

There is no uncommitted or write-in option for primaries in New York, but blank ballots are recorded and counted, they are a clear way that New Yorkers who care about Palestinian human rights can go on record and be counted. Because there is no path for any candidate other than Biden win or gain delegates in our Democratic primary, we think voting blank is the most powerful way we use our ballots to make a statement together. This is a chance to show how many voters in New York and nationwide care about Palestine and want a cease fire specifically.

How do I participate and vote blank?

New Yorkers have the right to turn in a blank ballot in any election they are allowed to participate in, including in the upcoming presidential primary. To participate simply go to vote the way you normally would, collect your ballot, and scan your ballot into the machine without bubbling in any options for President or delegates (all of the delegates are pledged to Biden). A warning will pop up on the machine indicating that you haven’t made selections – simply confirm you would like to proceed.

Early voting is open March 23-30
Election Day is April 2nd

Check your registration and polling location here

What about Trump?

This is a virtually uncontested primary election and Biden has already clenched the Democratic nomination, not the general where Biden will face Trump. Additionally, New York is not a swing state. Lastly, this campaign is important precisely because of how much is at stake in November. A majority of voters across party lines want a ceasefire and instead the Biden administration has continued to veto international efforts to push for one and send weapons the Israeli military is using to kill Palestinian civilians in record numbers. President Biden MUST change course if Democrats hop to have a chance in November and this may be our last chance to send a clear message before the general.

Will blank votes be reported?

Blank ballots will be counted (it’s required by law) and the official number of blank ballots submitted will be available in the certified election results that are usually published a few weeks after the election. That said, this is not just about making a statement on election night. This is an opportunity for New York voters who care about Palestinian human rights to be counted and that’s a meaningful action to take even if we don’t have results for a while.

Why does this matter in New York?

Although New York is not a swing state, it is perceived as a stronghold for the Democratic party centrist establishment and was noted nationwide as a key reason Democrats lost the house in 2022. New Yorkers have a chance to send a strong message that Democratic voters care about Palestine and contribute to the nationwide effort to pressure the President and the party to change course and push for a ceasefire.